Jordan Miller, comedian and host of The Nightcap with Jordan Miller, explains the embarrassing journey we take as we learn to dance from middle school all the way through college. Filled with laughter, energy, and an accurate depiction of your attempts to impress your crush via sweet dance moves, Jordan demonstrates the most embarrassing and hysterical moments we experience.


Jordan's interview about TED, his development process, and his love of making people laugh. 

"[Jordan] described the scenes of hormone-filled hotspots of social insecurity in hopes that audience members could relive their memories of school dances — getting dumped by middle school dance dates and cringe-worthy slow-dancing on gym floors. Miller’s talk wasn’t just pure entertainment. His message was that being vulnerable is key to making impactful social interactions. The anxiety we try to avoid at dances is actually a way to foster authentic relationships. Dancing provides a shortcut in making these connections."

I’ve been nervous for a while, but when I get on that stage, I just turn on. Bringing a smile to people’s faces is what I want to do, and being able to do that in such a great environment is everything I want